D&T Buzz! Our new video newsletter

Published 1st August 2014

Written by: Debbie Woodbridge

We have launched D&T Buzz, a new video newsletter that will be posted to our members every month designed to update you on the activity of the D&T Association. Hopefully you will watch it and it will inform you briefly of news, projects, events that have recently happened or are forthcoming. Take a look at the link and see what you think.

This is our first issue, created in house to ensure costs are kept down but offering you the opportunity to be updated by a member of our senior team. This month’s, delivered by our CEO, Richard Green, gives you information about the Great British Make Off launching in September offering the winners, your pupils, the opportunity to progress their ideas and work with a top designer and be part of an exhibition in a top UK venue in December.

D&T Buzz also announces the 2nd Annual Consultant Conference which is to be held at the Motorcycle Museum, near Birmingham on 26th September. Book your place now and we will contact you to choose the sessions you wish to attend. It is aimed at current and aspiring consultants who may wish to further their consultancy with us.

Also you will all be aware that in September the DfE and Ofqual are launching a public consultation on the new GCSE subject criteria. Once we know the dates of that we will be running regional consultation meetings providing you with information regarding these changes and enabling you to have your say and feed back through us to the DfE and Ofqual. The dates for these will be announced soon.

You can find out more in the video so please watch it to get all the news. Finally tell us what you think of this new way of giving you information quickly.

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