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In a world which is so over-supplied in every sense, one of the ways to succeed and standout is to have a creative and lateral way of thinking about things. There are lots of things that don't even occur to us that have been created by people who have got an unusual or creative way of thinking: the telephone, the motor car, the Dyson vacuum cleaner - through creativity those ideas have created businesses, careers and futures for people. It's all this that makes subjects like Design & Technology so important.

Sir Paul Smith, Fashion Designer

The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) is fully behind this campaign to ensure Design and Technology education plays an essential part within the school curriculum. Inspiring young people to be passionate about design from an early age, sets the foundations for the next generation of designers and studying D&T encourages them to be inquisitive, creative and original. At the BIID, we are committed to encouraging and supporting the thriving UK design industry and believe that D&T education has a huge role to play in nurturing the design talent of the future.

Daniel Hopwood, President of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID),

“Design and Technology is a phenomenally important subject. Logical, creative and practical, it’s the only opportunity students have to apply what they learn in Maths and Science – directly preparing them for a career in engineering. Policy-makers must recognise D&T’s significance and strive not just to preserve it, but to make sure it appeals to the brightest of young minds.”
Sir James Dyson, Founder and Chairman of Dyson and Patron to the D&T Association

“Design and Technology is a key subject in drawing the next generation towards engineering. It makes a critical link between science and mathematics and provides real-world contexts in which these subjects can be applied through design. But D&T is not just about future engineers. By teaching D&T we are ensuring that all children are not passive bystanders in our increasingly technology driven world but are informed citizens who understand how design impacts on their quality of life andhow technology can be used for the benefit of mankind.”
Dr Rhys Morgan, Director of Education, Royal Academy of Engineering

“It is clear to me that D&T offers an unrivalled opportunity to inspire more young people towards a career in engineering and technology. Given the very significant projected talent shortfall in these areas it seems to me bewildering that we are steering students away from this hugely valuable subject.”
Dr Paul Greening, Director, Centre for Engineering Education, UCL

“Science and maths alone cannot provide the creative thinking and hands-on expertise that is essential to producing world-class designers and engineers. An understanding of D&T ensures that students are equipped with the tools to thrive in an increasingly fast- paced, innovation-hungry marketplace.”
John Mathers, Chief Executive, Design Council

“The fall in numbers in pupils studying D&T is a disaster. In all the talk about STEM we consistently underestimate the importance of D&T which is the perfect proving ground for craftsmanship, creativity and curiosity, which the CBI and others tell us are needed in the world of work.”
Professor Bill Lucas, Director: Centre for Real-World Learning, University of Winchester

“Throughout my education it was design and hands-on activities that unlocked my interest in other subjects. Subjects where questions do not have predetermined answers are vital for preparing students for a constantly developing world. Learning the processes and techniques to solve these problems is an invaluable skill.”

William Hardie, Designer/Maker

“Without a varied curriculum the UK risks losing out at a time when global businesses increasingly value design skills and valuable jobs are given to students whose curriculum included design and technology. Part of what has made the UK great is its history of design and innovation against all the odds. Let’s not lose our edge by failing our young people.”
Kim Colin, Co-Founder, Industrial Facility

“D&T can be the critical link between, on the one hand the evolving 21st century skill-sets required by manufacturers and on the other, a vibrant, re-balanced and export-led economy that must re-invest and up-skill to deliver increased innovation. Without enthused students with a foundation in D&T to become tomorrow’s skilled engineers we will be missing the key ingredient to the delivery of the longawaited industrial strategy.”
Andrew Churchill, Managing Director, JJ Churchill Ltd.

“If the government really wants a resurgence of manufacturing in this country it should start with schools: D&T is the vital subject that instils a love and fascination of making products.”
Mark Miodownik, Professor of Materials & Society and Director Institute of Making, University College London

“Britain is great at engineering and needs more engineers. I am always optimistic about the future for engineering when I see great design and technology project work produced by young people.”
Paul Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, EngineeringUK

“For Britain’s economy to grow, we need a highly skilled workforce, fluent in upcoming technology. To meet this challenge a solid foundation in engineering, science and design is needed to create a resourceful workforce who can quickly adapt and embrace future technologies. It’s not tomorrow’s workforce I’m concerned about, it’s this afternoon’s!”
Sam Lanyon, Designer & Technologist, Founder of Concept Shed Ltd.

“Design and technology is a vitally important and valuable subject. It equips young people with a firm grounding in knowledge and skills such as problem solving, which are in great demand in the labour market. ASCL is extremely concerned about the potential demise of this subject and is committed to working with the Government, employers and the D&T Association to reverse this.”
Brian Lightman, General Secretary, Association of School and College Leaders

“With creativity being at long last acknowledged as one of the main drivers and wealth creators of the British economy, it is time that D&T was taken more seriously across the school curriculum. This is a subject that encourages young people to become designers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and to satisfy their own ambitions, and those of the nation.”
Wayne Hemingway, Designer

“Thinking about my civil engineering career over the past 5 years, the A level choice that provided the most useful skill set was definitely design and technology – it taught me much more than just how to design and make things.”
Claire Gott MBE, WSP, Parsons Brinckerhoff

“The Government’s left hand sings the praises of the UK’s Creative Industries while its right hand sweeps away the very education system which created it. The EBacc changes are decimating creative subjects (like D&T) which have, until now, fed a steady stream of talent into our world class creative industries.”
Dick Powell, Founder, Seymourpowell Design

“D&T inspired me to train as a product designer. Creative thinking and problem solving are key skill sets for survival in the future knowledge economy. We need students trained in D&T to fuel this core British competency, which enables us to compete in the global marketplace.”
Rob Law, Founder and Chief Executive, Magmatic Ltd. (makers of Trunki)

“Manufacturers are always on the look-out for young, fresh, talent. In particular they are seeking young people that have the right combination of academic qualifications and technical skills. Students taking practical subjects such as Design and Technology, which incorporates many key engineering principles, are attractive to manufacturing employers.
Verity O’Keefe, Senior Employment and Skills Policy Adviser, EEF – the manufacturers’ organisation

“We need to ensure that the design and technology education young people are receiving is up-to-date, relevant and engaging – we need to take this opportunity to inspire creativity, build skills and develop the next generation of makers and innovators.”
Pippa Morgan, Principal policy adviser – education, CBI

“The thought of D&T as a subject in danger worries and scares me. Without the passion and belief of my D&T teacher I would be a frustrated creative individual. I will do anything within my power to make sure that D&T gets appropriate recognition as an essential subject that teaches life skills and will shape the UK economy of tomorrow.”
Max McMurdo, Designer, upcycler andTV presenter

“The current ‘tech-savvy’ generation will define and lead a dramatic change in the design and engineering community. So, how do we inspire this next generation of thinkers? We put the technology in their hands and show them the power of what’s possible.”
Carl Bass, President and CEO, Autodesk

“The UK motorsport industryis world-leading and depends on the outstanding design and technology talents that reside in Motorsport Valley UK . Good design is at the heart of that success and it would be a scandal if young people were not able to study D&T, which can demonstrate the excitement, thrill and enjoyment that so many have in engineering.”
Chris Aylett, Chief Executive, Motorsport Industry Association

“The UK is experiencing an engineering and technology skills crisis. Our recent research with young people and their parents found that creativity and variety are the two features of an engineering and technology career that are most likely to appeal. Design and Technology is an important way of introducing these features at an early age, so should be protected in the
school curriculum.”
Nigel Fine, Chief Executive, Institution of Engineering and Technology

“It is my belief that all primary children should be entitled to learn D&T skills as a vital part of a broad, balanced curriculum. Children at our school love this area of the curriculum. Anyone visiting The Wroxham School can see the impact of D&T teaching on the vibrant environment where enquiry and high ambition are at the heart.”
Dame Alison Peacock, Executive Headteacher, The Wroxham School

“Design thinking allied to practical making skills not only makes D&T a vital and unique subject in its own right, but also one which can help contextualise maths, science and computing. D&T should be an essential component in the curriculum of all students.”
David Anderson, Headteacher, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School

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