Consider the benefits of bespoke INSET CPD

Will you benefit from bespoke INSET training in your school to ensure you can show a real breadth of learning available on your curriculum? Subjects such as D&T, Art, drama and PE, outside the core will gain a greater emphasis within the new Ofsted framework.

Improving D&T provision in your school and addressing the new OFSTED framework

Improving D&T provision in your Design and Technology department and addressing the new OFSTED framework.

The benefits of bespoke INSET CPD

Very often this is a cost-effective way for to train a large number of teachers, during planned inset training days. We are frequently contacted by individual schools, Multi Academy Trusts an groups of schools, across the country, to deliver bespoke Design and Technology CPD to teachers in their school.

Major changes are happening to the Ofsted Framework this Summer which will require D&T Heads of Department and teachers to have a clear curriculum vision for the subject alongside the core subjects they currently deliver. Schools will need to show that there is a breadth of learning

available on the curriculum that deepens pupil learning and enriches their lives. Subjects outside of the core (art, drama, PE, D&T) will gain greater emphasis within the new framework.

Schools that teach a narrow curriculum or exclude specific categories of pupils will be challenged by the inspectorate under the new framework.

The Design and Technology Association offers a broad range of CPD training, supporting teachers’ delivery of excellent and inspiring D&T in school. We offer training which supports teachers to develop increased confidence, deliver this fast-paced subject and implement strategies that will improve both exam results and the visibility of the subject.

Broad and varied CPD

Our aim is to ensure that all D&T teachers have clear vision for the subject, are confident delivering the D&T curriculum from KS3 through to GCSE, A level and beyondand are equipping their students with a broader creative curriculum. We offer a wide variety of courses which can be personalised to achieve the training needs within your MAT or individual school. For example

  • D&T curriculum Planning for the new Ofsted Framework
  • Removing the stress of the Contextual Challenge– making it easy
  • Making the new D&T GCSE Relevant and inspiring and easier to deliver
  • Delivering the compulsory content in manageable chunks
  • Engaging hands on activities for successful D&T GCSE Practice
  • Embedding VEX IQ Robotics within the KS2 & KS3 D&T Curriculum
  • Effective Delivery of Electronics  and Control at KS2 and 3
  • and much more – take a look at our full range of Primary, Secondary and Primary/secondary scheduled CPD session

Individual schools, Multi Academy Trusts and clusters of schools consistently benefit from working with us to utilize economy of scale, train on the school site and to build bespoke training programmes specifically addressing individual school and MAT requirements. D&T Association bespoke training ensures all D&T teachers in your MAT are teaching innovative and inspiring D&T.

How to access our training

After an initial discussion with our Training and Events Manager, our curriculum experts will contact you to understand the needs of the design and technology teachers within your schools. This will enable us to build a training programme to closely match your objectives.

For more information, in the first instance please call Debbie Woodbridge on 01789 470007 or email