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There are major changes happening to the Ofsted Framework this Summer which will require primary leaders and classroom teachers to have a clear curriculum vision for the subject alongside the core subjects they currently deliver. Primary schools will need to show that there is a breadth of learning

available on the curriculum that deepens pupil learning and enriches their lives. Subjects outside of the core (art, drama, PE, D&T) will gain greater emphasis within the new framework.

The D&T Association is adjusting its membership offer in order to support Primary schools to address these changes and help ensure schools deliver excellent primary design and technology.

Watch our series of supporting videos for primary school members

More videos in the series currently under development. Join the D&T Association as a Primary School member to view the whole series

Supporting D&T in Primary School with free scheme of work and other member benefits

  • Guidance and Support - Advice, support and guidance from curriculum experts within the D&T Association.
  • Discounted D&T CPD - Discounts on Primary CPD – helping teachers to keep pupils engaged and enthused with D&T.
  • Membership Magazines - Receive your termly D&T magazine for all staff to read as hard copies and downloads.
  • Review your School - Get a clear picture of your School’s effectiveness using our Self-Review Framework.
  • Monthly Newsletter - Member communication on key curriculum changes, classroom inspiration and news via email.
  • A D&T Community Network - Being part of a community of design and technology leaders and teachers.

You may have only touched on D&T in the past but will understand that it needs to be taught in a much more robust and creative manner.

Primary membership: by joining as a Primary School member, your whole school will benefit from advice, support and guidance from curriculum experts within the D&T Association. You will be part of the UK’s expert authority for design and technology, which represents you to governing bodies and authorities such as DfE, Ofsted, Awarding Organisations and Government.

You will receive high quality subject magazines and, alongside all the discounts on CPD and other educational resources, you will receive our bestselling primary resource, Projects on a Page.* (this comprehensive download will be emailed to you once your membership has been paid for)

Email us to let us know the names and contact details of up to 20 people in your school who you require to be part of your new School membership. Call us on 01789 470007 or email - Download leaflet

FREE Primary Videos

We are also creating a series of videos on aspects of teaching D&T in primary schools. First video here, is freely available but the rest will only be available to members - so join now.

  • Planning for progression
  • Minimum reqs for effective practice
  • Assessment–recording progress
  • Using Projects on a Page resource
  • Primary subject leadership

* Offer is available to New Primary school memberships only. Offer available from June 1st 2019 up to and including 30 September 2019. Join as a Primary School member and receive Projects on a page free of charge - Download format

Membership must be paid for before the download of Projects on a Page can be sent to the school

Offer applies to new members only.