Eamonn Durkan

Eamonn is a former Head of Technology at a large 11 – 18 Technology College, has worked as an Associate of University of Manchester, and lectured at Liverpool John Moores (Teacher Training Design and Technology).  

He is Chief Examiner for AQA Engineering Computer Applications and  a Moderator for AQA A- level Design and Technology.

He has participated in writing publications for - Design and Technology Graphics and Engineering.

He has over 35 years of experience using workshop machinery and delivers training both in the UK and internationally.

Locations: Nationwide


Health and Safety Trainer
PHS - Primary School Health and Safety
S10HS - Grinding and Sharpening
S11HS - Site Staff
S12HS - Technicians - essential knowledge, skills and understanding
S1HS - Wood Sawing Machines
S2HS - Centre Lathe
S3HS - Casting Non-Ferrous Metals
S4HS - Metal Arc Welding
S5HS - Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting
S6HS - Milling and Machining
S7HS - Wood Turning Lathe
S8HS - Planer/Thicknesser Machines
S9HS - Portable Power Tools
SCHS - Secondary Core
SFHS - Food Technology
SMHS - (Secondary Materials)
SSHS - Systems and Control
STHS - Textile Technology