Julie Boyd

Julie currently works as a D&T consultant leading training, working as an author and offering in school support. Julie often works with her husband, Paul Boyd, and together they offer a comprehensive and unique level of support across the whole of D&T.

Julie has worked in education for over 30 years with experience in a range of schools in the Midlands and London. She has had a number of leadership roles in D&T as well as a senior leadership role leading coaching and teaching and learning at whole school level. She also has experience as a retail manager for a large high street retail chain.

Julie’s specialist material area in D&T is textiles and she has considerable experience working with and supporting staff across the whole of D&T. She has a post graduate qualification in coaching and has considerable experience coaching a wide range of staff, including senior leaders and those in challenging circumstances, as well as developing and implementing whole school coaching programmes. As well as experience coaching individuals and groups in education Julie also has experience coaching within non education settings.

Julie has been awarded a DATA Subject Leadership Award as well as a distinction in the Guardian Teacher of the Year Award. She has experience as an examiner and moderator for several exam boards and is the author of a number of publications for GCSE and KS3.

In particular Julie is known for her innovative teaching and learning strategies that engage students in D&T, her work focusing on engaging boys in learning generally, and the work she does challenging the stereotyped attitudes towards textiles. Julie also specialises in developing the use of new materials and technologies within Textiles, including technical textiles and e-textiles.

Julie’s website has a wide range of free resources for all areas of D&T and she produces a weekly D&T newsletter with resources that support teaching and learning. Visit www.julieboyd.co.uk for more information.

Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @julieboydonline

Locations: Nationwide


CPD - planning and delivery
Examination analysis
GCSE / GCE planning and delivery
Medium/long term planning
Monitoring & evaluating D&T provision
Product Design
Short term planning
Subject leadership / management
Technical quals planning / delivery
Textiles Technology
Tools, materials, equipment and resources
Writing text book course materials