When should ITT students be registered on-line for their H&S accreditation?

The D&T Association H&S Training Standards establish the professional view of what should constitute the minimum H&S training requirements for ITT students in D&T. It is assumed that students in training will be undertaking this H&S training throughout the year and as a result it is not anticipated that their Registered D&T H&S Consultant (RDTHSC) would normally register them on-line for accreditation until all of their training has been completed.

For example, to complete the Core Standards, trainees will need time to collate their portfolio of evidence over a period of several months, collecting the evidence required from each of their placement schools, and it is not anticipated that RDTHSCs would register trainees on-line for this Core level accreditation until the portfolio has been completed and signed off.

In addition, it is anticipated that students may be working over the year towards accreditation at one or more of the Specialist levels and possibly one or more of the Specialist Extension Levels. Clearly, it is in the trainees’ interest to be accredited for as many of the Standards as possible before they are registered for the £24.00 accreditation fee.

So, it is anticipated that students would not be registered by their RDTHSC until the latter stages of their course. The invoice to cover the cost of accreditation will hopefully be paid by the training institution itself, but it may need to be paid by the student directly or even the school of the student’s first teaching post may be willing to pay it.

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