Expert group Terms of Reference

The role of the expert group will be to decide how best to support the sector in teaching Design and Technology in the new primary/ KS3 curriculum and how the signposting of any materials or resources will support the sector in this.

Expert group Terms of Reference

Revised Terms of Reference

Design and Technology National Curriculum Expert Group 2013-14


  1. All maintained primary and secondary schools will be required to follow the new national curriculum from September 2014. Therefore, from September 2013 Initial Teacher Education (ITE) providers will need to ensure that primary trainees become proficient in teaching the new curriculum.  A challenge for training providers arises from the fact that whilst being taught the new national curriculum from September 2013, trainees will be working in partner schools using the current national curriculum.  The Teaching Agency, now National College for Teaching and Leadership, supported the implementation of the new national curriculum in ITE from September 2013 by hosting a series of three expert subject group meetings in 11 subject areas to identify, develop and deliver outcomes that will assist the ITE sector in producing newly qualified teachers who are confident in teaching the new curriculum.
  2. Following the initial success of these groups, it was agreed by the DfE that the remit of these groups will become wider, to include secondary (KS3) as well as primary and CPD as well as ITE. The groups produce reports on the following three issues:
  • Approaches to pedagogy which are likely to support the delivery of the curriculum;
  • The gaps in teaching materials currently available raised by the new curriculum; and
  • Options for how they might be filled;

These reports, complied in summer 2013 were sent to Elizabeth Truss, the Minister with responsibility for the national curriculum.

Purpose of the expert group

  • The expert groups which will include subject experts, schools and ITT providers to identify any requirements or resources that ITT providers should take into account in order to fully prepare their trainees to teach the new primary/KS3 Design and Technology curriculum.
  • The group will consider the additional needs of trainees to teach the new national curriculum at primary level and at KS3; for example, enhanced subject knowledge requirements or new approaches that may be suggested by the content.
  • The role of the expert group will be to decide how best to support the sector in teaching Design and Technology in the new primary/ KS3 curriculum and how the signposting of any materials or resources will support the sector in this. It will identify the most effective dissemination strategies for the work of the expert subject group. It will also work collaboratively with the DfE/NCTL, UCET, NASBTT and The TSC to ensure that dissemination of expert advice is as effective as possible
  • The group will decide on strategic approaches to common issues in the following areas of the work:
    • Recommendations of particular high-quality resources – both for teaching topics present in the current and the new curriculum, and those resources for teaching new topics introduced by the new curriculum;
    • Recommendations regarding areas that are not explicit in the curriculum but might need to be taught in order for the curriculum to become effective;
    • Suggested CPD and training;
    • Effective tools for schools and providers to audit their provision;
    • Dissemination methods for common areas (for example assessment, progression, EYFS, SEND and transition);
    • Subject specific dissemination;
    • Identification of examples of effective approaches to the curriculum that are broad and balanced, moving beyond the National Curriculum to support the entire school curriculum.
  • To report the views of the expert subject groups to The Minister as required.

Frequency and Location

In addition to the meetings in the academic year 2012-13 the group will meet on at least 3 occasions in the academic year 2013-14.

It is proposed that the outputs of the Design and Technology expert group will be disseminated to the sector through the Chairs of Expert Groups meetings, the Design and Technology Association, ITT representing bodies such as UCET, NASBTT and the Teaching Schools Council .


The meetings will be chaired and managed by a member of the Expert Group

Membership will include experts from the Design and Technology subject association, British Nutrition Foundation, Royal Academy of Engineering, an outstanding Higher Educational Institution provider of ITT, Teaching Schools and Specialist Schools, Local Authority and other experts to fully represent the breadth and scope of the subject


All discussion and documentation within this group shall remain confidential and draft national curriculum documentation must not be shared unless it is already within the public domain. Minutes taken at each meeting will capture actions and key areas covered.

Materials/resources signposted will remain within the group and will only be shared with other colleagues supporting its development.

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