D&T Excellence Awards 2020

Nominations are closed

D&T Excellence Awards 2020

The 20th Design and Technology Excellence Awards nominations are closed. Thank you very much for those that have nominated a colleague or friend. Judging commenced in January and winners notified in February. 

The prestigious awards ceremony will be held at The Institution of Engineering and Technology, London, 2 Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL on Friday 20th March 2020 hosted by the D&T Association and The Institution of Engineering and Technology. The awards give professional recognition to individuals nominated by their colleagues for their unique work in design and technology education across the categories.

The award nomination categories for the 20th Design and Technology Excellence Awards are listed below. We had an outstanding number of nominations last year and it is really positive to see all the hard work that takes place in our D&T classrooms. If you made a nomination for last year's award ceremony and your candidate was not successful, they will automatically go into the nominations for this year.

The award nomination categories are as follows:

CATEGORY 1: Flamefast (UK) Ltd award for Innovation and creativity in design and technology 

CATEGORY 2: Inspirational teaching of design and technology – Primary

CATEGORY 3: HME Logistics award for Inspirational teaching of design and technology – Secondary 

CATEGORY 4: The James Dyson Foundation award for Excellence in engineering education 

CATEGORY 5:  The Institution of Engineering and Technology award for Creative use of digital technologies in design and technology

CATEGORY 6: The Manufacturing Technologies Association award for Industry engagement 

CATEGORY 7: Development of STEM learning opportunities 

CATEGORY 8:  Royal Academy of Engineering award for Exceptional pupil achievement award

CATEGORY 9: Design and technology subject leadership

CATEGORY 10: Supporting design and technology 

CATEGORY 11: Design and technology teacher education

CATEGORY 12: NEJ Stevenson award for Outstanding contribution to Design and Technology


Nominations submitted without a comprehensive set of supporting documentation are unlikely to progress through shortlisting as nomination standard is very high. Judges shortlisting and undertaking the final judging are only judging on the content of the nomination submitted, not on any knowledge they may have of a candidate. Therefore, should a nomination be submitted with only the briefest citation it could sadly fall at the first hurdle, which would be a great shame in many cases.

Supporting documentation may be in the form of photographs, lists of achievements, video, PowerPoints, word documents, lists of competitions entered, conferences spoken at, information regarding school improvements undertaken, care, encouragement and diligence dealing with pupils, pupils' achievements directly as a result of the teachers actions.....the list goes on.

Only nominations from adults will be considered.

If you are interested in sponsoring 2020 awards, please do contact Debbie Woodbridge (Debbie.woodbridge@data.org.uk)  to express your interest.

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