D&T Awards 2010

D&T Awards 2010

Winners and catagories for this years awards:
Outstanding Contribution to Design and Technology Education Award    

  • Stephanie Valentine
  • Prof. Kay Stables
  • David Perry
  • Prof. Stephanie Atkinson

Teacher Training Design and Technology Award    

  • Slyvia McClean
  • James Pitt
  • Charles O'Brien
  • David Boyle

Subject Leadership Design and Technology Award    

  • Gill Wildman
  • Brian Russell
  • Pam Jebb
  • Samantha Phillips

Outstanding Teacher Design and Technology Award    

  • Alison Bennett
  • Pippa Iles
  • Victoria Harding
  • Silvia Trabucchi

Oustanding Newcomer to Design and Technology Award    

  • Alistair Hartley
  • Kirby Dowler
  • Victoria Davis
  • Laura Nash

Exceptional Support for Design and Technology Award    

  • Dierdre Robinson
  • Ian Hornby
  • Sarah Thomas
  • David Millington

The Meat and Education Design and Technology Award    

  • Vanessa Thomas
  • Frances Meek

The IET Award for Digital Design and Technology    

  • Andy Cooper

The Mathmatics and Design and Technology Award    

  • David Cotterill

The Science and Design and Technology STEM Award    

  • Matt Smallwood

The James Dyson Foundation Design and Technology Teacher of the Year Award    

  • Manjinder Sangha

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