D&T Awards 2011

D&T Awards 2011

Winners and catagories for this years awards:

Outstanding Contribution to Design and Technology Education Award

  • Colin Whitfield
  • Dr Marion Rutland
  • Ian Williams
  • Jill Whittard

Teacher Training Design and Technology Award

  • Julie Messenger
  • Claire Theobald
  • Susan Scurlock

Subject Leadership Design and Technology Award

  • Justyna Powrie
  • Jacqueline Mercado
  • Nicky Madden
  • Robin Walker

Outstanding Teacher Design and Technology Award

  • Karen Hunt
  • Phillip Harvey
  • Debbie Green
  • Christopher Quinton

Outstanding Newcomer to Design and Technology Award

  • Lisa Wishart
  • Alice Hellard
  • Alice Trimmer
  • Phillip Sykes

Exceptional Support for Design and Technology Award

  • Jane Proctor
  • Nick Hawksworth
  • Carol Bosworth
  • Helena Madle

International Development and Support of Design and Technology

  • Dr Malcolm Welch

The Meat and Education Design and Technology Award

  • Barbara Dinicoli
  • Charlotte Western

The IET Award for Digital Design and Technology

  • Paul Gray

The Mathmatics and Design and Technology Award

  • Peter Kelly

The Science and Design and Technology STEM Award - sponsored by the National STEM Centre

  • Les Porter

The Audi Design Foundation Innovation and Creativity Award

  • Phillip Holton

The James Dyson Foundation Design and Technology Teacher of the Year Award

  • Steven Parkinson

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