D&T Awards 2012

D&T Awards 2012

Winners and catagories for this years awards:

Outstanding Contribution to Design and Technology Education Award

  • Howard Barrett: Corporate
  • Clive Seagar: Primary/ Secondary
  • Denis Hallam: Secondary

Teacher Training Design and Technology Award

  • Allen Bower: Secondary
  • Amanda Flemming: Primary/ Secondary
  • Trupti Acharya: Primary/ Secondary
  • Jim Golden: Secondary

Subject Leadership Design and Technology Award

  • Gary Drabble : Secondary
  • Phillip Dudson : Primary/ Secondary
  • Richard Whitehurst : Secondary
  • Michaela Baily – Mitchell: Primary

Outstanding Teacher Design and Technology Award

  • Amanda Davis: Secondary
  • Paula Colley: Secondary
  • Jo Hillier: Primary
  • David Baker: Secondary

Outstanding Newcomer to Design and Technology Award

  • Amy Winter: Primary
  • Helen Murphy: Primary
  • Helen Robinson: Secondary
  • Andrew Hartshor: Secondary

Exceptional Support for Design and Technology Award

  • Rob Corfield: Primary/ Secondary
  • Derek Land: Secondary
  • Joy Stone: Secondary

International Development and Support of Design and Technology

  • Mark Du Vries

The Meat and Education Design and Technology Award

  • Brigid Sparke: Secondary
  • Chris Willingale: Secondary

The IET Award for Digital Design and Technology in Schools

  • David Taylor: Secondary

The Mathematics and Design and Technology Award – sponsored by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM)

  • Cathy Rutherford: Primary

The Science and Design and Technology in STEM Award – sponsored by the National STEM Centre

  • Gareth Richards: Secondary

The Audi Design Foundation Innovation and Creativity Award

  • Richard Scott : Secondary

The James Dyson Foundation Design and Technology Teacher of the Year Award

  • Rhys Evans: Secondary

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