D&T Excellence Awards 2018

Announcing our winners for 2018

D&T Excellence Awards

The Design & Technology Excellence Awards winners have now been announced

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The winners of each award were

CATEGORY 1 - Muhammad Shamshad Azad, winner of Technology Supplies Innovation and Creativity in Design and Technology Award

CATEGORY 2 - Lisa Larham, winner of Inspirational Teaching of Design and Technology Award in Primary School

CATEGORY 3 - Michael Williams, winner of Hertfordshire University Award for Inspirational Teaching of Design and Technology in Secondary School

CATEGORY 4 - Rebecca Warner, winner of The James Dyson Foundation Award for Excellence in Engineering Education

CATEGORY 5 - Richard Nash, winner of The Institution of Engineering and Technology Award for Creative use of Digital Technologies in Design and Technology

CATEGORY 6 -  Jim Jenner, winner of The Manufacturing Technologies Association award for Industry engagement

CATEGORY 7 - David Hainsworth, winner of STEM Learning Center Award for Development of STEM Learning Opportunities

CATEGORY 8 - Bethan Wilkinson, winner The Royal Academy of Engineering Exceptional Pupil Achievement Award

CATEGORY 9 - Scot Bradley, winner of Design and technology Subject Leadership

CATEGORY 10 - Garry Binns, CATEGORY 10 winner of Supporting Design and Technology Award

CATEGORY 11 - Susan McLaren, winner of Design and technology Teacher Education Award

CATEGORY 12 - Susan McLaren and Louise Davies, winners for Outstanding contribution to Design and Technology Award

Additional thanks to VEX Robotics for sponsoring all the tables on the night

Email form to Debbie.woodbridge@data.org.uk

The D&T Excellence Awards Ceremony took place at the IET in London on 23rd March 2018.

Celebrate excellence in design, technology and engineering education at the D&T Association Excellence Awards. Do you know anyone who goes above and beyond in their role in education and has made a real impact in the subject? Take a look at the categories and nominate them for an award.

Started in 1999 by the Design and Technology Association Trustees, the D&T Association Excellence Awards gives professional recognition to individuals for their contribution to design and technology education.

Please note that neither the nominators nor the nominees have to be members of the D&T Association. A list of previous award winners is available on our website. The D&T Association trustees and executive consider the nominations and select the award winners based on the information provided on the nomination form and subsequent references.

Winners expenses - Travel expenses will be capped at £150 per award winner (to include guest). The D&T Association does not pay for accommodation costs. 

*If you are submitting your nomination by post or email, please download the form and ensure you save before completing, saving once again after completion.


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