H&S Reminder Videos and Posters

Teachers who have completed H&S training and accreditation since September 2015 can now access a comprehensive set of reminder videos and posters.

Health and Safety Reminder Posters and Videos

Extending the benefits of the D&T Association’s Health and Safety Training and Accreditation Scheme.

Health and Safety reminder posters and videos are sponsored by HME-Technologies Ltd and Technology Supplies Ltd

Those who have completed H&S training and accreditation since September 2015 can now access a comprehensive set of reminder videos and posters.

  1. The reminder videos are accessible using QR codes found on each poster.
  2. Once your training is complete ask your H&S trainer for a link to the posters
  3. Print out posters and display near the individual pieces of equipment.
  4. To enable access to the videos, download a QR code reader onto your phone or tablet.
  5. Once accreditation is complete ask your trainer to provide you with appropriate H&S PIN code, to unlock videos, of the machinery, that you have been trained to use.

It is important that everyone is trained and accredited, on the equipment used within your D&T department. Upon accreditation from the Specialist Extension Level H&S training Standards course with the D&T Association you will be given access to the appropriate reminder videos, providing visual reminders of the practical competencies completed in your H&S training.

The code of practice BS 4163:2014: Health and Safety for Design and Technology in Educational and Similar Establishments, sets clear expectations about the Health and Safety training required of everyone working in design and technology. The D&T Association H&S Training and Accreditation Scheme is designed to ensure you are fully covered and following the guidelines on best practice within your department.

The newly released reminder videos are not a replacement for H&S training and accreditation or for the necessary refresher training so please ensure all staff in your D&T department undertake appropriate training. You will then gain access to these valuable workshop machinery videos.

If you have recently undertaken health and safety training and would like access to the posters and videos, or would like more information about our H&S training and accreditation scheme, please contact hands@data.org.uk or call us on 01789 470007. 

Please download the posters as A4 or A3 in size and place them beside the appropriate machinery. 

 More H&S reminder videos are currently in development

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