Local Branches

A powerful network of local branches throughout the UK, sharing ideas and disseminating information, advice and guidance on Design and Technology issues.

Local Branches

Regional networking for like-minded teachers is really important. Local D&T branches are held in schools, colleges and universities; they are run by a local branch co-ordinator and are fully supported events. Each branch runs a minimum of three events a year (one per term), and meetings are open to all members and non-members (£10 non-member rate). In fact, anyone involved in the delivery of D&T in schools, colleges and universities is welcome to attend. Look out for your local training events.

Branch Meetings supporting the teaching community.

We now have a number of active D&T Association branches across the country. Branch meetings provide the opportunity for D&T teachers, technicians, teaching assistants and trainee teachers to come together, usually at a local school and meet like minded colleagues working in design and technology.

Having played a leading role in developing the Programmes of Study, we are well placed to provide you with the necessary support and guidance preparing you to teach, what may be for some, new aspects of the subject. Some of the content is certainly challenging and will require new ways of working, new pupil tasks and new ideas for projects.  It may also require acquisition of additional resources including equipment.

What are the benefits of Branches?

The objective of branch meeting is to share good practice, engage and encourage discussion and network with local colleagues.

Our branch events will consist of an update from a member of our senior team, either in person or via pre-recorded video news, discussing /delivering important information on the current state of D&T. We endeavour to ensure delegates leave with a clearer national picture of D&T around the country.

Delegates are invited to bring along ideas for discussion. It may be something they require help with or input into from colleagues, something they are proud of or just want to showcase their achievement.  

Local branches are an ideal opportunity for both members and non-members to network with their peers. They can keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in D&T, and receive information, advice, and guidance regarding the D&T programme of study (POS), national curriculum, and other issues of national educational importance.

Who can be a Local Branch Co-ordinator?

A local branch co-ordinator is a member of the D&T Association who runs a branch in their local area. They must commit to running a branch for two years and hold three meetings a year (one meeting per term). We ask that they help us to find a free venue for their meetings, usually their own school premises, and arrange light refreshments, as laid out in the Local Branch Co-ordinators’ Handbook.

Local branch co-ordinators have regular contact and support from the D&T Association events team who will help with the organisation, administration, marketing, and sponsorship of meetings.  There is a degree of administration but this is kept to an absolute minimum. Download branch handbook document below.

Become  a Local Branch Co-ordinator

We are keen to grow our branch network and engage with more D&T teachers. We believe the more branches we have, the easier and more effective it is to communicate with our members on a personal level. If you’d like to help and run a minimum of three meetings a year for two years, please contact us and we’ll send you a copy of the branch handbook so you can learn more about how we operate D&T branches.

If you are interested in running a local branch in your area or would like to share the work with a current branch co-ordinator, please get in touch with debbie.woodbridge@data.org.uk

Join a Local Branch

Branch meetings are open to both members and non-members. Many meetings are free to members, but there is a small charge for non-member delegates. To take advantage of our member rates, you can join us now

You can find out where your local branch meeting is here or call us now on 01789 470007.

Working together for  D&T

Local branch meetings are an ideal opportunity for members and non-members to engage with us and provide feedback to the D&T Association about issues of concern. The more we work together, the more meaningful content we can provide for your training sessions and branch meetings - and the better we will all become.

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