Amanda McCourt

Co-founder of Pantee


This podcast with Amanda McCourt is brought to you by The Design and Technology Association in partnership with The Edge Foundation. Listen now.

This episode takes Designed for Life in a slightly different direction as we seek to track the journey of a product from its original 'ideas phase' through product development, to manufacture, marketing and sales...All covered through  Sustainable womens underwear made from surplus T-Shirts. 

Amanda McCourt and her sister Katie have spent the last 18 months bringing an idea to make comfortable, fashionable underwear made from unsold t-shirts to market. Along the way they met numerous challenges, but have remained true to their initial vision of what they believed possible and are set to fully launch their first collection. All of this has been achieved with the sisters living in different continents and not being able to meet due to COVID travel restrictions. 

So sit back, pour a coffee and relax as we are in conversation with Amanda McCourt Co-founder of Pantee. Listen Here

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