David O'Coimin

CEO of Do Company


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David is the founder and CEO of Do Company, a company founded in 2016 to "Deliver smart solutions to the challenges posed by rapidly changing living and working environments". He describes himself as a digital nomad and a serial entrepreneur. In this podcast, he talks us through his journey from school in rural Ireland to becoming a product designer, social visionary, and successful entrepreneur. 

Do Company is about product creation but also so much more. The company is focused on creating new ways of working while at the same time empowering more sustainable, inclusive and mindful work and learning environments. As such, it is bang in the centre of how we redesign what 'the office' looks and feels like as the world returns from a period of forced home working and learning to a new rethought and refocused hybrid way of working. 

Do Co utilises product creation (Nook Pods...which we will come to in a minute), thought leadership, workshops, events, retreats and editorial to drive these goals. This conversation with David hopefully captures the passion that he has around designing better solutions for both established and emerging problems while remaining focused on the study of the psychology and empathy required to identify how we help people to connect, collaborate and create in environments that are sympathetic to the process and the neuroscience around the very concept of what we generically call 'work'. 

Nook is a Bristol Made award-winning family of pods, shelters and booths designed with introverts and people on the spectrum in mind and built for the future's hybrid work, networking, and learning spaces. Nooks are designed with the needs of the worker or learner foremost and following the concept that a happy and comfortable worker is more creative and productive. 

This is a podcast about how to play to your strengths as a creative and an entrepreneur while at the same time recognising where your weaknesses lie and surrounding yourself with a team that collectively cover every base successfully.  It is also heavily rooted in how to make a business from a passion.

I so enjoyed this conversation, and I think you will too. So take an hour to yourself, and while you settle with a coffee, go for a run or work out in the gym, enjoy Designed for Life in conversation with David O'Coimin. 

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