Hayley Roy

Designer and entrepreneur, Harp Design


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Hayley Roy is the founder and owner of Harp Design https://www.harpdesign.co.uk an interior design company working across residential and commercial sectors. 

Hayley left school at sixteen and decided to travel and see the world while working as a hostess on private yachts, including almost three years working on Sir Philip Green's yacht Lionheart. 

On her return to the UK, aged 21, she joined the family business and was trained as a buyer, importing furniture from across the world; she was a Director of the business aged 22. Hayley spent fourteen years in this role, learning and expanding her repertoire of skills before setting up Harp Design which she launched at the end of 2013. In the seven-plus years that it has been in existence, Harp Design has successfully tackled a range of complex briefs for both residential and commercial clients; the company can tackle every aspect of design and construction from branding, through the design process and project management to final hand-over, their website contains some impressive case studies. 

Hayley has recently set up another stand-alone business, Symphony Furniture, which will service Harp Design as well as standing in its own right. 

In this podcast, Hayley talks us through her journey, in the process explaining how she has grown her business acumen and expertise, learning from both the highs and the challenges that she has faced.  This was a delightful and open conversation with a very astute business owner and entrepreneur; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  

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