Jason Reagin

IBCP Coordinator, Chadwick International School, South Korea


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I am delighted to be in conversation with International educator and leader,  IB guru and podcast host Jason Reagin. Jason is currently the IBCP Coordinator at Chadwick International School, South Korea. 

Since completing his educational studies at the University of Georgia, USA. Jason has pretty much dedicated his career to teaching overseas with posts in China and Bermuda before taking up his current position in Korea.  Jason is an IB Consultant and through this work has travelled and seen IB education in a number of countries worldwide including the USA, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, India and South Korea. Through this work and his own practice across a number of countries, Jason has developed a well-travelled, informed and far-reaching view of what constitutes a successful education.

Jason is also the founder, editor and producer of the Design Cast podcast, a podcast that is essential listening for all design and STEM educators worldwide. The podcast is currently on issue 64 and through a series of conversations with educators worldwide more than fulfils its objective of  'creating a community of people around the world who are interested in design and STEM/STEAM education'.  

You can find Design Cast on the Apple platform here or on Jason's website 

When you equip two passionate and committed educators (and podcasters) with microphones and leave them in a virtual room for a while; well, they will talk! As a result of this, I have broken this conversation down into two separate episodes, both of which we will release this week. 

So set 40 minutes aside, grab a coffee or a cool drink and enjoy Designed for Life, in conversation with Jason Reagin.   

if you haven't quite got time then listen to these clips and you will want to come back later and listen to the full podcast 

Part Two is also available

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