Jay Blades

Community worker, furniture restorer and TV presenter


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Jay talks us through his journey from his education in North West London to working with his ex-wife to set up 'Out of the Dark' a social enterprise created to help disadvantaged young people learn practical skills through furniture renovation and design. Jay very candidly describes how he came through a very dark period in his life when within a matter of months his marriage ended, and he lost the business that he loved and found himself homeless and without direction in his life. 

Chance brought Jay to Wolverhampton, where he refound himself and created a new purpose in life renovating antique furniture. Chance again had a big hand in Jay's introduction to TV work, he describes his journey and what it's like to be the frontman for one of the most popular light entertainment shows on TV right now, The Repair Shop, a show attracting 8 million viewers! 

Through the conversation, one gets the impression of a man who likes to connect with people and is drawn to want to make a difference to those born to a disadvantaged start in life. Jay describes the importance of creativity in education and in life and provides his thoughts on how the simple art of making something can feed the soul! 

This was a delightful conversation and is one that we believe provides a perfect opener to this new podcast series. 

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