Spencer Metzger

Premier Sous Chef, The Ritz


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In this, the second episode of Designed for Life released around a food theme in five days, we talk with Spencer Metzger Premier Sous Chef at the Ritz, London. 

In this conversation we follow Spencers journey from school where he enjoyed food design and preparation in his Food technology lessons making jam roly poly, to a work experience placement at the Ritz obtained by cold calling the restaurant and asking nicely if they would take a 'young lad' on a weeks placement. To his current role as Premier Sous Chef at one of the highest profile restaurants in the world and Roux Scholar 2019. 

This is an amazing story of opportunity, the need for hard work and self belief and the need for self evaluation and assessment, to quote Spencer "I know the Roux Scholarship is the pinnacle competition for chefs, I wasn't going to enter until I thought I had a chance of winning, I didn't enter with expectation but I knew I had a chance". 

I know that you will enjoy this conversation as we speak with a chef that I think everyone will have heard of in the not too distant future. 

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