Nominations for the D&T Excellence Awards Closed

Nominations are now closed 

Please note that the nominations are now officially closed for the Design and Technology Association Excellence Awards. 

This prestigious awards ceremony is in partnership with The Institution of Engineering and Technology and will be taking place on Friday 14th October 2022.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate a department, colleague, pupil or industry partner. Over the next few weeks we will be presenting the nominations to our judging panel. The judges will select the award winners based on the information provided on the nomination form and the supporting evidence. Any prior knowledge of the candidate will not be considered.

Best of luck to all the nominees! 


The Design and Technology Association Excellence Awards started in 1999 by the Design and Technology Association Trustees and it give recognition to individuals nominated by their colleagues or teachers for their inspirational contribution towards design and technology. 

To celebrate the whole reach of our subject, we have revised and created 12 brand new categories this year. Industry engagement, your D&T support staff, and educational research are all vital components of design and technology and worth individual praise. And we have special awards for pupils at different stages of their development, as they deserve recognition and motivation to continue fulfilling their academic journey.

The award categories are:

Category 1: Autodesk Excellence Award for Outstanding Secondary Subject Leadership

Category 2:  Create Education Excellence Award for Outstanding Primary Subject Leadership

Category 3: The James Dyson Foundation Excellence Award Recognising Outstanding D&T Teacher(s)

Category 4: N.E.J Stevenson Award for Outstanding Contribution to Research in D&T Education

Category 5: Onshape Excellence Award for Inspirational Support Staff within D&T

Category 6: The Institution of Engineering Technology Excellence Award for Outstanding Contribution to D&T (Awarded by the D&T Association Board of Trustees)

Category 7: Boxford Excellence Award for Outstanding Industry Engagement (Teacher)

Category 8: Autodesk Excellence Award for Outstanding Industry Engagement (Industry Partner)

Category 9: Autodesk Excellence Award for Outstanding Departmental Team

Category 10: The STEM Workshop Outstanding Pupil Award: Age 5-11

Category 11: The Royal Academy of Engineering Award for Outstanding Pupil: Age 12-16

Category 12: HME Logistics Award for Outstanding Pupil: Age 16-18

 A big thank you to The James Dyson Foundation for sponsoring all the tables and to Autodesk for sponsoring the drinks reception at this amazing event.

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