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Create Education Excellence Award for Outstanding Primary Subject Leadership

This award sponsored CREATE Education recognises exceptional, effective, and inspiring leadership. The award winner will demonstrate the development of a progressive, outstanding, innovative, and creative primary D&T curriculum delivered across the whole school, resulting in clear learning progression and an impressive improvement in pupil attainment and achievement.

This Subject Leader will be identified as going above and beyond typical subject leadership requirements, inspiring and motivating pupils to achieve success and seize the opportunities presented to them.

Evidence should include:

  • How a clear vision for the subject has been established within the school which all can aspire to
  • How staff have been empowered to play an active role in the delivery of this vision
  • How supprt structures have been put in place to help to develop and empower staff
  • Award winners will demonstrate how they have promoted and supported consistently high quality, engaging teaching that inspires their pupils and delivers exceptional design and technology learning.
  • Leadership will be of a high standard that allows colleagues to deliver a challenging D&T curriculum offer confidently.

Evidence could include:

  • Inspirational curriculum activities
  • Cross-curricular links
  • Creation of inspirational teaching resources
  • New and innovative methods of teaching
  • Evidence of extending the D&T curriculum beyond the classroom walls, providing context and motivation for learning
  • Noticeable improvement in the subject
  • Massive pupil engagement and passion for the subject.

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