Category 7

Boxford Excellence Award for Outstanding Industry Engagement (Teacher)

This award award sponsored by Boxford recognises consistent effort and achievement an individual school or teacher makes to engage with industry in a mutually beneficial manner. The nominated school/teacher must be seen to be addressing the skills gap faced by young people entering the workplace by supporting design and technology in schools and colleges. The industry partner should clearly be gaining a better understanding of the school system and curriculum. This mutually beneficial arrangement should significantly enhance young people's learning and understanding of the world of business and industry. Typically, the award-winning school will have developed partnerships where industry representatives collaborate with teachers. E.g., facilitating visits and/or providing groups of young people access to specialist employees, facilities, and environments.

Evidence provided by a nominated school could include:

  • Positive relationships with a local employer through schemes like Blueprint 1000 that have resulted in reciprocal relationships involving pupils and industry representatives
  • Because of the nature of the partnership, successful design and technology activity has been completed, contextualised by the links to a particular industry
  • Pupils' learning will be significantly enhanced by an ongoing collaboration with teachers and pupils, which helps shape the curriculum in the school/college, increasing the subject's relevance and meaning
  • Through this relationship, pupils have developed a more comprehensive understanding of the opportunities available to them within business/industry sectors and the pathways that can be taken to progress in the identified area of work.

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