D&T Awards 2016

D&T Awards 2016

Winners and categories for this years awards:

The winners for the evening were

Outstanding Contribution to Design and Technology Education Award

  • Sandie Kendall  : Primary
  • Gwyneth Owen-Jackson  :  Retired
  • Mike Hopkinson  :  Retired

Teacher Training Design and Technology Award

  • Matt McLain  : Tertiary
  • Beverley Lawe  : Tertiary
  • Jason Davies : Secondary

Subject Leadership Design and Technology Award

  • Andrew Thomson  : Secondary
  • Louise Tucker  : Secondary
  • Kiran Ramlagan  :  Primary

Outstanding Teacher Design and Technology Award

  • Denise Maiden  : Secondary
  • Josie Douglas  : Primary
  • Rebecca Topps  : Secondary
  • James Bleach  : Secondary
  • Kishon Geen  : Secondary
  • Philip Cain  : Secondary

Outstanding Newcomer to Design and Technology Award

  • Christopher McGhee  : Secondary
  • Sophie Bruce  : Secondary
  • Natasha Hammond  : Secondary

Exceptional Support for Design and Technology Award

  • David Barley  : Secondary
  • Rose Russel  : Secondary
  • Kathy Hunt and Lynn Pette  : Primary

International Development and Support of Design and Technology

  • John Williams,  : Tertiary
  • Ron Todd, Professor : Retired

D&T Education and Industry Engagement

  • Graham Swindley  : Secondary

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