Winners of the 2021 D&T Excellence Awards are...

D&T Awards 2021

This prestigious awards ceremony was held at The Institution of Engineering and Technology, London, 2 Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL on Friday 17th September 2021 hosted by the D&T Association and The Institution of Engineering and Technology. The awards give professional recognition to individuals nominated by their colleagues for their unique work in design and technology education across the categories.


The winners in the following categories are as follows:

CATEGORY 1: Boxford Ltd Award for Innovation and Creativity in Design and Technology
Paul Woodward, The Rugby School, Thailand

CATEGORY 2: Inspirational Teaching of Design and Technology - Primary Award
Gill Fitzpatrick, Beech Hill Community Primary School, Greater Manchester

CATEGORY 3: HME Logistics Award for Inspirational Teaching of Design and Technology - Secondary
Sarah Mahmood, The Bemrose School, Derbyshire

CATEGORY 4: James Dyson Foundation Award for Excellence in Engineering Education
Martin Davies, The Fernwood School, Nottinghamshire

CATEGORY 5: Institution of Engineering and Technology Award for Creative use of Digital Technologies in Design and Technology
Daniel Wahab, Woldingham School, Surrey

CATEGORY 7: Development of STEM Learning Opportunities Award
Leanne Mee, The STEM Workshop, Shropshire

CATEGORY 8: Royal Academy of Engineering Award for Exceptional Pupil Achievement
Vivika Martini, Highgate School, London

CATEGORY 9: Design and Technology Subject Leadership Award
Amanda Britton, Twynham School, Dorset
Claire Marshment, Weeke Primary School, Hampshire

CATEGORY 10: Supporting Design and Technology Award
Robert Hodge, WMG Academy for young engineers, Warwickshire

CATEGORY 11: Heart Educational Award for Design and Technology Teacher Education
Alan Bright, Goldsmiths University of London

CATEGORY 12: N.E.J. Stevenson Award for Outstanding Contribution to Design and Technology
Paul Shallcross, Retired Trustee, Inspector, Teacher, South East England

CATEGORY 13: Onshape Special Award Recognising Design and Technology’s Social Impact

Andrew Duffey, Merchant Taylors School, Hertfordshire
David Clay, Priory Community School, North Somerset
Helen Vardy, King Ecgbert School, South Yorkshire
Kirby Dowler, John Taylor High School, Staffordshire
Michael Noonan Queen Elizabeth’s Barnet, Hertfordshire
Sam Booth, Bradfield School, South Yorkshire
Shakeel Rathore, Longdean School, Hertfordshire
Steve Newton, Stamford School, Lincolnshire
Stuart Sweetman, King Henry VIII School, West Midlands
Tim Weston, Oakham School, Rutland




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