Primary D&T in Action

Practical CPD for primary D&T subject leaders and classroom teachers

Primary D&T in Action in Action - D&T curriculum in KS1 and KS2

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This 1 Day CPD session teaches some of the tricky bits of the new D&T curriculum in KS1 and KS2


  • To develop practical expertise and subject knowledge in more challenging aspects of the D&T curriculum
  • To gain first-hand experience of carrying out D&T activities based on ‘Projects on a Page’
  • To begin to develop a resource pack that can be used back at school to support teaching and learning

Course content:

This practical, hands-on, full day course will provide subject leaders and classroom teachers with the practical skills and know-how to teach challenging and technically demanding aspects of the new National Curriculum for D&T. Delegates will consider how the content of several projects within the popular national scheme of work ‘Projects on a Page’ can be translated into practice through high quality teaching and learning. During the day delegates will begin to build a resource pack including teaching aids that can be used back at school in their own and other teachers’ classrooms.  

The course leader, Gareth Pimley, was a major contributor to the final draft of the programmes of study and central to the development of ‘Projects on a Page’. The day will include the following workshop sessions:

  • Workshop 1: Progression across the D&T curriculum, what it looks like and how it can be achieved
  • Workshop 2: Practical strategies for promoting an iterative process of designing and making
  • Workshop 3: Understanding and using electrical systems in KS2
  • Workshop 4: Understanding and using mechanisms in KS1 and mechanical systems in KS2    

Please note that a sample of project planners from ‘Projects on a Page’ will be handed out to delegates during the course.

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