Remote Teaching Tools

To support your home teaching, we have gathered a collection of resources and tools to assist. We will be updating continually, please use and share them.

Remote Teaching Tools

We have gathered a collection of resources for primary and secondary teachers to use for remote learning. 

Please use and share this page with your colleagues. It will be updated regularly but please feel free to send us your suggestions of resources which you have found useful or even projects you are happy to share, and we will include them.

Email with your suggestions. Thank you.

Design and Technology Association Resource shop

We have lots of primary and secondary resources in our shop, many are free or discounted for members. See here.

Coding and CAD/CAM


BricsCAD is the all-in-one CAD design solution for 2D drafting, 3D modeling, mechanical design and BIM. Free student license.


VEXcode is a coding environment with an intuitive layout allowing students to get started quickly,  which can be used from primary right through to secondary. Find out more about VEXcode, and see it in action.

Techsoft Design V3 (formerly called 2D Design)

- free Covid-19 home use licence

Techsoft are helping teachers and students at this time by offering a free Techsoft Design V3 licence, which lasts until the end of February 2021.  Although it has professional capabilities, its ease of use means secondary pupils can produce engineering drawings, free-form designs and more, all in one place. View licence.

BBC micro:bit

Videos and planning resources are available for teaching with the micro:bit. This pocket-sized computer is transforming digital skills learning.  Their software also allows you to code and check it using online simulation. A perfect introduction to show how software and hardware work together. View here.


A free to use web based 3D modelling application. See here.


Free CAD that allows students to work collaboratively. See here.

Yenka Technology

Powerful and easy to use simulator for systems. See here.

Challenges and workshops

Fairtrade Global Learning

Fairtrade school provide a free range of primary and secondary teaching resources to support global learning, with lesson plans, films, activities and games. Explore Fairtrade

Smallpeice trust - STEM challenges

The Smallpeice trust has videos and 10 STEM challenges for both primary and secondary. Their YouTube channel also has teaching challenges to use. Engineering at school

The Design Museum

The Design Museum has online lesson plans for Key stage 2 - 4, virtual tours and workshops and even an online mini challenge for year 7 and 8. View here.

Design Ventura

Run by the Design Museum, Design Ventura is a free design challenge for year 9, 10 and 11 pupils. The challenge is to design a new product for the Design Museum Shop. More details.

The Dyson Foundation - Design Challenges

Some design challenges for primary and secondary that Dyson engineers have designed to encourage young minds to get excited about engineering. Ideal for home learning. Access here.

Learn by Design - STEM @ Home

A range of activities to suit a range of levels and skills to help understand STEM better. Suitable for primary and secondary. Access here.

The STEM Workshop

Some really useful videos of hands on workshops to learn more on STEM. See here.


BBC Bitesize learning

The BBC has online learning clips for ages 5 to 16. Access here.

The Oak National Academy

We are delighted to be working with The Oak National Academy to design and provide an online curriculum and suites of lessons for primary and secondary teachers, helping you to deliver to your isolating, remote, online learners. These will be live by the end of January here.

Practical Action

Practical Action has engaging STEM resources that will inspire children, focusing on climate change, renewable energy and food security. Find resources.


Neon brings together inspiring career resources and engineering experiences to bring STEM to life with real world examples. See the digital experiences available here.

Little Inventors

The Little Inventors site has some great content for primary. View here.

The STEM Workshop

Some really useful videos of hands on workshops to learn more on STEM. See here.

Learning tools and free Apps


An all-in-one app for teachers. Manage an unlimited number of students and classes. More info.


A free app for teachers and students that makes creating and completing assignments easy. More info.


Helps teachers make any lesson interactive, using presentations and activities. More info.


A quiz based, formative assessment tool, making learning easier. More info.


Allows students to complete and share classroom work, encouraging creativity and expression. More info.


A free online revision platform, allowing pupils to study independently or complete assignments set by teachers. More info.


A Google Chrome extension that allows voice comments and feedback to shared documents and assignments. More info.


A free online photo editor. More info.

Free online whiteboard tool for teachers and classrooms! Register.



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