Design and Technology Key Resources

A set of Key Stage 3 resources for the curriculum areas of Food, Textiles, Systems and Control and Product Design to populate your school’s learning plan.

Design and Technology Key Resources

This extensive bank of Key Resources has been developed to help teachers move their schemes of work from craft-based focused projects, where the outcome is the critical factor, towards planning Design and Technology learning units that focus on students’ learning.

These resources should be seen as 'starter' materials for schools setting out on this path. They are not intended to exemplify the very best of Design and Technology practice, but as stepping stones towards that goal. We hope that schools will modify the materials to their own circumstances, make them more demanding, or simpler, as necessary.

“The Key Resources have really engaged our students because not only are the PowerPoints and the teacher resources there for us to use, we've been able to adapt them to meet our students' needs and requirements when then has allowed us to really provide an enriched curriculum.”

The resources are designed to enable you to either use the full Key Stage 3 learning programme or to plan your own by selecting units from the bank. You can use these with others from the ever-growing bank available on the Design and Technology Association website or you can design your own to fit your school’s requirements. A free guide and associated planning tools 'KS3 D&T Learning Planner and Assessing Without Levels – Teacher Guide' is also available to help you plan effective learning in KS3 Design and Technology.

For each curriculum area of Design and Technology the resources include activities for Early, Mid, and Late Key Stage 3 and are of varying lengths, each with a different theme and approaching the activities from a different learning focus:  

  • Mainly Designing – two to five hours
  • Mainly Making – three to four hours
  • Design and Make – six to eight hours
  • Technology in Society – two hours

Some of the activities in the units exceed these suggested timings; schools may want to adapt these to fit into their timetables.

Accessing the resources

Units can be purchased as individual items as shown on the top grid, as curriculum area sets across early, mid or late KS3, or as a full set covering the whole of KS3.

Individual items

Select below for a listing of all the items for each curriculum area:

Year resource packs

Select below for a listing of the Early, Mid and Late KS3 packs for each curriculum area:

KS3 resource packs

Select below for access to the full KS3 packs for each curriculum area:

How does it work?

Each learning unit has been designed by starting with selected learning objectives from the 2014 National Curriculum. The units have been developed with tasks, activities and experiences which provide opportunities for students to learn and demonstrate what they have learnt. Assessment opportunities have been 'designed in' where teachers can assess whether students have learnt what the unit has set out to teach them. To make them easier to reference in medium and short term plans they have been coded DB1, MA2, MB7 etc. A full reference table of coded learning objectives is included in each pack.

For a typical Design and Technology department approximately 54 hours of teaching time is available for a KS3 student across an academic year. Each of the main areas of Design and Technology: Textiles, Food, Systems and Control and Product Design will have approximately 13 hours per year to deliver the curriculum component to students.


Each resource pack comprises:

  • Unit of work
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Self assessment worksheets
  • Homework sheets (Food, Systems & Control and Textiles)
  • Support resources

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