STEM into Action with D&T

STEM into Action with D&T: London Schools Project

STEM into Action with D&T

This project, funded by the Mayor of London’s Education Programme: London Schools Excellence Fund, focused on supporting the development of a modern STEM related curriculum through modernising the design and technology (D&T) teaching and learning experience at Key Stage 3 in secondary schools. During the eighteen months the project ran, the D&T Association worked with 104 secondary schools in London

Participating schools and their pupils benefited through enhanced teaching of key STEM subjects, brought about by providing pupils with real, engaging activities that use cutting-edge resources, including smart materials and programmable systems for robotics.  

Findings from the final evaluation found that:

  • D&T KS3 in participating schools activity was modernised in ways that can support STEM teaching and learning;
  • D&T Teachers subject knowledge was enhanced as a direct consequence of engaging with the programme

To some extent:

  • Students’ understanding of STEM and the links between different STEM subjects was increased;
  • D&T teachers engaged with teachers from other STEM disciplines in their own schools but not as extensively as is desired;
  • The supporting resources provided a catalysis that encouraged interaction between teachers of different disciplines but their use as such depended to a large degree on the D&T teachers’ commitment to developing cross curricular connections and the additional resources such as time to do so.

As an outcome of the programme, the following resources have been produced and are available in our shop:

A new free resource is now available - Pylon Flight - including sections on

  • The principles of flight
  • Motors, propellers and thrust
  • Modelling - digital design and manufacture
  • Flight, including pylon flying

The resource includes a teacher guide, presentation, videos and CAD files to allow students to design, make, adapt and fly their own planes.

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