Embedding Sustainable Practice in D&T

Practical activities to ensure that sustainability is at the centre of your D&T teaching and learning

Embedding Sustainable Practice in D&T

Embedding Sustainable Practice in D&T

This free course, developed with Practical Action as part of the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms Global Learning programme, will increase your awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals, and give you a series of engaging activities which will enable you to ensure that sustainability is embedded into your D&T teaching and learning.

Aimed at upper KS3/KS4, this course is suitable for all material areas within Design and Technology. The content supports preparation for the D&T GCSE but it may also be applicable for other related courses.

During the day you will:

  • explore your own values around sustainability
  • consider how your department can function more sustainably
  • look at the environmental, social and cultural impact of a range of products
  • use life-cycle analysis to measure a product’s impact
  • redesign a product to improve its sustainability
  • work with delegates to discuss and develop ideas and plan how you will deliver the content in your school

Following the course, you will receive:

  • The course PowerPoint, including links to the related videos
  • Practical Action resources promoting the SDGs and Global Learning

Teacher requirements

Level 2 course:

  • Attend the face to face course
  • Implement a unit of work back in the classroom – length of time and number of students/year group can be decided by the teacher.
  • Log in to the network evaluation meeting approximately 8 weeks after the course. This is to feed back on what they have done and share thoughts and outcomes with other teachers. We have put together a quick reference guide on how to access zoom please click here.
  • The British Council will ask for a short questionnaire to be completed before attending the course and after the evaluation event.
  • One school will be chosen from each course to share in more detail the activities they undertook – the teacher will be supported in this by their course trainer.

These courses are free to state funded schools. Please contact us if you are an independent school and wish to take part.

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