Bespoke INSET Training

Tailored training to meet the specific needs and challenges of your primary or secondary D&T staff

Our Bespoke INSET packages give all primary and secondary schools delivering D&T the opportunity to have training in-school or online. These are for members and non-members and can offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative to scheduled CPD events and training days. These can be delivered in-school or online to effectively meet your school requirements by developing a bespoke package to meet your highly individual needs. 

Schools have many different requirements: Curriculum training for their team, addressing arising challenges within their department, improving skills and knowledge, helping with assessment of a department, supporting teachers to implement changes and new schemes of work, aligning teaching with the requirements of the new Ofsted Framework and ensuring their school is running a five-year D&T teaching plan covering KS3 and 4.

Talk to us at the D&T Association and find out all we can do to support and guide you.

The INSET training packages below are suitable for school head teachers, leadership teams, classroom teachers and teaching assistants. The costs are based on up to 20 teachers. If there are additional teachers there will be a small extra cost. Travel expenses will be included for in-school training. 

 Full day INSET (online or in-school) - £1,500 - £1,800 plus vat * 

A full day of INSET curriculum training enables us to take modules of our training courses, tailor them and build an in-depth bespoke session specifically addressing your teacher's needs. We offer in-school or online training covering both the primary (KS1&2) and secondary (KS3,4&5).

You will have an initial phone consultation to ensure we understand the challenges you are facing, to decide exactly what you require and when you would like the training to take place. Once your date is booked our curriculum trainer will discuss the content with you in detail and build you a bespoke full day course, appropriate to your needs.

 Bitesize Twilight INSET (online or in-school) - £1,500 - £1800 plus vat *

An alternative option to a full day INSET package could be 3 consecutive twilight sessions . The sessions would be linked and will follow on from each other, therefore teachers would need to attend all 3 sessions.

Take a look at this case study for a series of blended online and in-school twilight sessions

Half day INSET (online or in-school) - £750  - £950 plus vat *

For a half day INSET package up to 4 hours in duration you can still expect to receive a bespoke session addressing your teacher's needs  

Take a look at this case study and see how the teachers benefitted

Twilight INSET (online or in-school) - £500 - £650 plus vat *           

Twilight sessions by nature are short and up to 2 hours 30 minutes in duration and will focus on a key topic/theme that you wish to address.

* The quote will vary based upon member or non-member. Depending on the content required we may add an extra development fee. Health & Safety courses including Food Safety have a different set of requirements and need certification. They will have a different pricing structure to curriculum INSET training days.


Hear from what some of our previous delegates have said from our sessions:

 "Brilliant information, ideas for planning and resources for learning. New contacts and places to visit for support and help".

"Really useful session - great to see a push to move the subject forward - Excellent focus of textiles in its broadest sense!"

"Really useful guidance and practical information to help me get started in September. Also a lot to think about for KS3"

"Extremely useful session - clarified my thinking on the new KS4 and informed me in the best way forward in KS3 & KS4. Thanks!"

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