Design and Technology Summer School 4th July 2019

Design and Technology Association Primary Summer School 2019

A Practical, one day primary CPD event, with activities based on the content of the D&T Association’s Projects on a Page. Four sessions will be packed into one busy and highly practical day. This primary event is aimed at supporting primary classroom teachers and subject leaders to deliver high quality Design and Technology back in school, in an innovative and cross curricular manner. There really will be something for everyone.

Projects on a page was published in 2014 to help primary schools in England implement the National Curriculum for D&T in an imaginative way and is based on universal principles of effective teaching and learning in D&T. An ideal resource for your whole school, year 1 through to year 6. The summer school reflects this and is suitable for all primary teachers, teaching KS1 and/or KS.

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9.00am - 9.30am - Arrival and refreshments

9.30am - 10.15am - Keynote speaker (to be announced)

10.30am - 11.15am - Session One: 

Making a case for funding the subject, buying the most appropriate resources, the need to attend CPD sessions to keep up to date and in line with any changes and how to negotiate with your senior team for all the things you need

11.15am - 1pm - Session Two:  Structures and mechanisms

  • Freestanding Structures Y 1 & 2
  • Shell Structures Y 3 & 4
  • Frame Structures Y 5 & 6
  • Sliders and Levers Y 1 & 2
  • Levers and Linkages / Pneumatics Y 3 & 4
  • Pulleys or Gears Y 5 & 6

1pm – 2pm - LUNCH

2.00pm - 2.45pm - Session Three:

Roman Coin and Display Box including Coin Tray – a short practical session with Q&As which covers health and safety issues delivering primary D&T

  • Basic Health and Safety in the classroom/workshop done through a packaging project.
  • All candidates to make a roman coin with vacuum formed tray and display packaging.
  • Use of basic tools
  • Use of a pewter caster machine
  • Use of the new Vacuum Former (Tilgear)
  • Card board engineered box

2.45pm - 4.30pm - Session 4

Electronics: from:

  • Simple circuits and switches Y 3 & 4
  • More Complex Switches Y 5 & 6

Programming and Control: from:

  • Simple programming and control (Crumble) Y 3 & 4
  • Monitoring and Control (Crumble) Y 5 & 6

4.30pm - 5.00pm - time for Q&A until around 5pm

5pm – 6.30 - Drinks reception and networking with colleagues - At the end of the day join us all for a short evening drinks and canapés reception. Enjoy networking with secondary colleagues and visit the supplier’s exhibition.

To Book: The event is £250 per person (non member) - and £200 per person (member).  Members will need to login first in order to get the discounted rates. Go to our booking page

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