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Integrating computing into Design & Technology – A Beginners Guide

Micro-controlled systems, the Internet of things (IoT) and robotics are elements of 21st century STEM activities. Bringing computing into D&T lessons can provide student powerful insight into engineering and design. But it is not as simple as it sounds, What if you don’t have the computing knowledge or expertise? What if you don’t have the technical resources for physical computing resources, or even the funding to purchase any? Even if you knew what to buy!

In this course, we will explore a low cost micro-controller called the BBC micro:bit. This has a low knowledge entry point, which can achieve impressive results with its built sensors and I/O functions and has the potential to deliver very complex projects including IoT with low energy Bluetooth. Coding this amazing device again is mutlti-facted, from simple coding blocks, to Javascript to python. The micro:bit ecosystem has a manageable and effective learning curve for students and teacher alike. It is supported by a wealth of materials and a proactive online community.

Learning Outcomes

To understand and explore the potential of the low cost, micro-controller, micro:bit in the classroom. Complete a hands on practical activity that, possibly write your first computer program, identify aspects that could enhance learning outcomes for students. Explore support resources for the micro:bit

Presented by; Stuart Ball – Regional Network Lead STEM Learning

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