Day One - Morning

Thinking for Learning within Design and Technology


Delegates will be introduced to and take part in a range of starters and plenary activities which can introduce and review topics and subject content with design and technology focusing on Engineering (KS4) and Product design (KS5).

The session will be both practical where teachers will engage in the activities and reflective through the review of the resources shown discussion to see where they can be adapted and developed further and to see how they could be applied in the context of the delegates schools.

Learning Outcome

Teachers will gain a range of quick, effective and inexpensive learning tools to use in classroom, which provoke students to think about what they are learning, why they are learning and how to recall their Knowledge base within design and technology.

Presented By: Andrew Kyprianou - HeadĀ of Faculty for Engineering and Design, WMG Academy for Young Engineers, Associate Teaching Fellow, Warwick University

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