Using Crumble in Key Stage 3 design challenges

Using Crumble in Key Stage 3 design challenges

This workshop will be delivered by Joseph Birks from Mindsets and is aimed at both complete beginners and those with some previous experience of using the ever-popular Crumble Micro Controller. It will go through an innovative project being run with groups of students in five schools in the Midlands, with delegates hearing from teachers how it was resourced and taught. 

Delegates will experience how to work with the system and be taught the basic principles of interfacing devices such as motors and LED ‘sparkles’. Those with experience, will benefit from expert instruction in interfacing other devices such as servos, sensors and making use of them in project work.

The session will be ideal for those wishing to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding, to cover the ‘use of programmable components’ requirement in the new D&T GCSE.

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