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Embedding Sustainable Practice in Design and Technology

This FREE E-Learning course, 'Embedding sustainable practice in design and technology', developed with Practical Action as part of the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning programme, will increase your awareness of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, and give you a series of engaging activities which will enable you to ensure that sustainability is embedded into your D&T teaching and learning.

Nothing should be more important than investing in your future. By embarking upon this personal CPD at this time, you are investing in your chosen career. Upon completion teachers (from UK state schools only) will be given 2 complimentary micro:bits* from the micro:bit Educational Foundation and you will be awarded with a certificate and digital badge that you can share on LinkedIn, within your email signature and with the team in your school.

Sustainability is growing in prominence within design and technology and it is vital that students develop a deep understanding of issues relating to sustainability, both to develop their design and make skills, but also to develop as responsible consumers.

Aimed at KS3/KS4, this course is suitable for all material areas within Design and Technology and will help teachers develop opportunities to embed issues of sustainability into their D&T teaching. Whilst aimed at key stages 3 and above, many aspects in this course can be adapted to be relevant and useful for younger age groups. The course can also act as professional development for teachers wanting to learn more about issues of sustainable practice.

Course objectives:

• Identify your own values around sustainability and what it really means.
• Explore activities to embed in your own classroom practice.
• Reflect on how sustainable your D&T department actually is – how can this improve?
• Plan for implementation in your own school.
• Feel confident to share ideas and practice with other delegates both during the day and on-line evaluation session.

By participating in this course, you will:

• Develop students’ skills, knowledge and understanding around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
• Develop students’ critical thinking skills - specifically around global issues and have a better understanding why there is such inequality.
• Consider the UN SDGs as a starting point for contexts which students can explore, identify and investigate design problems – in preparation for tackling the Design and Technology GCSE non-examined assessment.
• Support students to consider the connections between a range of stakeholders affected by the UN SDGs.
• Develop students’ key transferable skills such as teamwork, problem solving, risk taking and communication of ideas.
• Embed issues of sustainability further into your D&T teaching and find out how you can partner with a school overseas. Develop world changing tech solutions for the micro:bit do your:bit challenge by signing up to the British Council Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning programme.

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*The two complimentary micro:bits are limited to two micro:bits per school

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