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Blueprint 1000 is a movement to support technical education in schools and provide ‘real-life’ learning for students.

Blueprint 1000

The initiative engages industry partners, who are keen to actively connect with schools and play a major part in offering high quality teacher CPD and ongoing real-world support, for local teachers and pupils.

The aim, in connecting industry with education, is to help contextualise and further your subject-knowledge to ensure lessons are relevant and up-to-date for your students as they leave education and enter the workplace. Ultimately, we will be working with teachers, pupils and industry to build an inspiring, innovative and proficient workforce by supporting Design & Technology education in our schools & colleges.

How it works!

A company, in your region becomes a D&T Association Blueprint 1000 member. They are organisations who are keen to engage and work with schools in your area and connect with pupils. But everyone benefits!

Industry benefits in a number of ways

  • By becoming more visible and better known in the community by teachers, pupils and parents
  • Be recognised in the media as a strong supporter of education, locally and in practical, meaningful ways
  • The initiative often covers their corporate social responsibility, enabling them to give back to the community
  • Their aim is to become an employer of choice in the area
  • Offers a method of finding a pipeline of suitable new recruits for their company
  • Helps them to build quality relationships with education
  • Gain a greater understanding of the challenges facing education and understand how to engage with schools more effectively

Teachers benefit

  • Industry can help put parts of the D&T curriculum perfectly into perspective - giving further understanding to what is being taught and why.
  • Provides teachers with greater understanding of the needs of industry, that will feed into the teaching of the subject
  • Teachers receive free D&T subject specific CPD and an understanding of working life in the regional company
  • Teachers’ supply cover is paid so there is minimal disruption and no cost to the school
  • Teachers can benefit from 3-5-day work placements, in a local company from a range of sectors

Pupils benefit

  • With the help of industry, pupils can put into perspective and context, the importance of achieving in all subjects to gain experience of real-life learning and ultimately their dream first job
  • Industry can ensure pupils understand what is expected from them upon entering the workplace alongside the wealth of knowledge they are taught in the classroom
  • Gives classroom projects a real-life perspective and inspires pupils to succeed
  • Pupils gain good understanding of how briefs and projects are undertaken in the real world of work

“This is a wonderful initiative giving design and technology teachers the opportunity to see how engineers work in businesses such as Dyson. It is encouraging to know that teachers will be equipped with industry-relevant knowledge and skills to teach young people about the exciting, creative and challenging world of engineering.”  - Sir James Dyson

Why is Blueprint 1000 so important?

Great Britain has a long and proud heritage in engineering, design and manufacturing. In many sectors we have led the world – and still do. Our reputation for design remains high, but across a number of sectors the skills gap is widening, and we are currently facing challenges.

Other countries seek to wrest business from us and enhance their own reputations and GB business leaders are facing ever increasing problems in finding their workforces of the future – bright, creative and innovative young people both inspired to work in design and technological fields and skilled in these areas.

Industry looks to schools to fix the problem. Schools look in vain to Government. School leaders, finding design and technology (D&T) both time and resource expensive are cutting back in these areas in favour of subjects deemed more conducive to the acquisition of favourable Ofsted outcomes under the current accountability system. The result is that students with an interest in D&T are sidelined and industry’s workforce of tomorrow ever diminishes.

So, do we just accept this inevitable and destructive spiral as a consequence of changing world economies?

At the Design and Technology Association we refuse to accept this. We believe the future lies in our own hands and that it is imperative that we become even more proactive with business and industry by working to increase the profile of D&T in schools and to highlight the exciting career prospects for young people studying the subject.

And not just helping young people ‘get a job’ but work that has purpose as they bring their skills, ideas and energy to applying D&T thinking to address modern day pressing issues – creative and innovative thinking aimed at addressing the many social and environmental issues threatening our world.

If this resonates with you. If preserving and building on our hard-won reputation appeals. If developing and nurturing your workforce of the future makes sense – then join Blueprint 1000 as we seek to join the worlds of business, industry and education, create a voice for technical education in schools and help identify and bring you closer to your future workforce.

We are the Design and Technology Association and we are committed to joining up the worlds of education and industry because where technology and creativity meet... that’s where the magic happens! Go to the Blueprint 1000 website and find out how you can bet involved

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