David Perry

Trustee (retired), The Comino Foundation


'Without hands-on learning a person is incomplete' - David Perry

David started life as a comprehensive school teacher and was heavily involved in the development of radical approaches to design in general education, culminating with an MA in the field at the Royal College of Art.

He became a teacher trainer at the then King Alfred's College (now Winchester University): as Head of Department leading new course designs including a dual-pathway teaching/industrial design B Ed/BA (Hons).

Director of the Royal College of Art Schools Technology Project, David produced a 22 book course in Design & Technology for secondary schools. Conceptualised the presentation of these materials for online before broadband was available to schools.

Director of ICT Research & Development for the Technology Colleges Trust: created the first nationally available broadband network for English schools which led to the National Grid for Learning (NGfL).

Ten years as an independent consultant authoring materials for the NGfL and developing the use of the world-wide-web for learning

Trustee (retired), The Comino Foundation: initiating sponsorship for making-as-learning activities nationwide.See https://www.thersa.org/discover/publications-and-articles/rsa-comment/2017/07/does-making-really-matter

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