Verity Davidge

Head of Education and Skills Policy at EEF


Working alongside the Director of Employment and Skills Policy, Verity is responsible for developing EEF’s skills, education and employment policy. She responds to government consultations and inquiries on employment, skills and education issues. She also supports EEF’s National Employment and Skills Policy Committee as well as leading EEF’s regional skills groups.

Verity regularly appears in print media where she writes about why it's important that manufacturers have access to the right quality and quantity of skills. She has represented the views of manufacturers on a number of high-level stakeholder group. She has also represented EEF at APPG and Parliamentary Select Committee hearings.

Verity is the co-author of EEF’s Skills for Growth report and Up-Skill Battle report. She has recently published a report entitled Lifting the Lid on the Levy: Making the Apprenticeship Levy work for industry and EEF’s most recent report, Making Migration Work for Manufacturing.

Prior to joining EEF, Verity worked at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Verity Davidge, Head of Education & Skills Policy, EEF, the manufacturers organisation

“Manufacturers are always on the look-out for young, fresh, talent. In particular they are seeking young people that have the right combination of academic qualifications and technical skills. Students taking practical subjects such as Design and Technology, which incorporates many key engineering principles, are attractive to manufacturing employers. We must continue to encourage young people to pursue Design and Technology to ensure the future generation of innovators, makers and creators. Government policy and interventions must support our case and showcase the value D&T brings.”

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