Skills for Industry in School

Linking schools with an industry partners to help D&T teachers to develop industry-relevant knowledge and skills which they can pass onto their students.

What is Skills for Industry in School?

The Skills for Industry programme has been designed to link schools with an industry partner in order to help design and technology teachers to develop industry-relevant knowledge and skills which they can pass onto their students during and beyond the project.

What is the aim of Skills for Industry in Schools?

This is a 5-month programme provides with a structured itinerary of training and coaching relevant to the KS3 and GCSE curriculum. It is designed to enhance technical and employability skills; encourage creativity and innovation; provide insights into education and career pathways including apprenticeships; and develop comprehensive, business-linked teaching resources, which would be available for any school to download after the project.

What is required of Industry partners?

Getting involved with the Skills for Industry Programme will mean working with us to:

  • facilitate the development of teaching resources
  • offer your site as a venue for teacher technical training (and ideally staff time to support this training)
  • provide one or more staff members to support classroom delivery across a number of local schools (2-3 hours minimum per school)
  • use of your site as a venue for a student and teacher celebration day where schools will showcase their work (optional)
  • support teacher training through our branch network to other schools in the area at the end of the project through the provision of one or more staff members

This important project is designed to upskill teachers and their students from local schools to develop the technical and employability skills that the company needs from its future workforce, offering a solution to the skills gap(s) currently facing the company and/or sector. Being involved in the project will result in the development of teaching resources around the work that the company specialises in and careers that they offer. We would promote these widely through our popular social media pages, our termly publications and also through direct mailing and e-mails. We could also offer a brokerage service (and training) between the company and local schools to ensure that there is sustainability in the project, and support the long-term engagement between your company and schools.

Teachers will find that the project will

  1. Be sustainable and support long term engagement with local industry
  2. develop a number of teaching resources to be used after the project ends
  3. link your school to an industry partner
  4. upskill your D&T teachers and students
  5. develop technical and employability skills needed by students when entering the workplace
  6. Industry partner will work with you to help deliver the project in the classroom
  7. Support teacher CPD on a regional / local level
  8. Facilitate a teacher/ industry celebration day designed to showcase work created from the project

If you are interested in working with us on the Skills for Industry programme, then please contact the Design and Technology Association on 01789 470007 or email


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