Skills for Industry - Adding Value

The D&T Association’s Skills for Industry programme is bringing real industry skills into the classrooms of these schools and adding real value to the careers offering that pupil’s experience.

We are currently working with two industries: Sever Trent Water and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

Nine Warwickshire schools are involved working on one of two challenges: the ‘car of the future’ and the design of animated information displays fof use in promotion and advertising.   Students investigate the application for microprocessors within cars of the future and are also taught how to use programable microprocessors. They explore how they might be embedded in more ‘in car’ services or in information displays and model their own systems.


Working in Industry 


Our Skills for Industry programme, gives young people an insight into working in industry. During the project, students interact with representatives including apprentices. Representatives will visit lessons and offer advice to pupils on their designs and share their experiences working at either JLR or Severn Trent on an apprentice or graduate programme.

Severn Trent apprentices have started their visits to Schools and the feedback from both the teachers and apprentices is extremely positive.

Daniel Robinson, Instrumentation, Control and Automation Apprentice for Severn Trent said that he: “really enjoyed supporting the pupils at Aylesford School. The pupils were keen to share their designs and I was able to offer advice and tips on how to improve them. I am looking forward to my next visit.”

Robert Woolley, Design & Technology Teacher at Aylesford School said “the pupils were working on coding and designing. Dan went around chatting to the students and helping with problems and discussing their designs.  This worked well.”

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