3D Visualisation Using SketchUp

An industrial-referenced project enabling students to understand how to use CAD software for 3D design and visualisation.

3D Visualisation Using SketchUp

These teaching resources were created from the pilot project delivered to Year 8 students at Handsworth Wood Girls Academy  and supported by The adi Group but are readily adaptable to suit other year groups.

They are designed to support D&T teachers with limited or no knowledge of SketchUp software [the project is based upon the free downloadable version of SketchUp version 10.  

Before downloading the complete set of teaching resources, you can download and view the project overview document below. This will enable you to see the whole learning journey and a summary of each individual activity.

Project Description

This project provides an authentic industrial reference and context in which to develop CAD (SketchUp) skills, both in terms of design development and visualisation skills for client presentations. The project simulates the processes used in industry when responding to an ‘interior design’ brief and is based on the user-centered design approach.

Key Skills: CAD modelling; industrial user-centred designing; team-working skills

Course Overview

The project overview document gives an outline of the whole project and brief detail of the supporting resources available to help deliver each lesson. Download this first to see what's included. You can then download the separate modules - a total of 7 learning activities, representing approximately 13 hours teaching.

Alternatively download the whole project. File sizes are large and this can take some time. Don't forget you will need to download SketchUp software separately both to run the project and also to access some files within the resources.

You can download all the modules separately

  • Module 1. The design brief.

    An introductory activity to provide students with information on The adi Group and 'The adi Challenge' i.e. the project's design brief.

    Time: 1 hour
    Key Material: 2 ppt presentations; videos; photo folder and floor plan folder

  • Module 2. Introduction to SketchUp.

    An introduction to the basic requirements for using SketchUp, using the example of contructing a room, based upon a bedroom at home.

    Time: 2 hours
    Key Material: ppt presentation; instruction sheet; students’ examples and SketchUp examples folder

  • Module 3. Architectural considerations.

    This activity provides an opportunity for the students to understand architectural drawings in detail. Working in teams, to undertake a ‘cut and paste’ task, students can discuss their design thinking for a canteen and develop their decision-making skills.

    Time: 2 hours
    Key Material: ppt presentation; resource folder for ‘cut and paste’ activity; design plan

  • Module 4. Corporate branding.

    This activity focuses upon corporate branding and the adi Group corporate image. Students, working in teams, can discuss ideas for the canteen in terms of a strong corporate image and address the needs of the adi Group employees.

    Time: 1 hour
    Key Material: 3ppt presentations; videos; colourways folder

  • Module 5. Design approaches.

    This activity focuses upon taking initial concepts through to final presentation drawings. Students are given an insight into the approach The adi Group takes when it tackles a design brief, giving them a structure to work within and supporting the process by allowing each group to discuss their designs with ‘experts’.

    Time: 2 hours
    Key Material: ppt presentation; video; ‘expert’ questions’ list

  • Module 6. Constructing the final design.

    Students work independently applying their knowledge and skills to developing the concept into a final visualisation, using SketchUp, suitable to show to the client.

    Time: 3 hours
    Key Material: ppt presentation ; folders of examples, including models of a semi built space, furniture suitable for the space and examples of students’ work

  • Module 7. 3D Visualisation.

    Each group prepares and delivers a client presentation explaining how they came up with the concept, potential issues and how they fulfilled the design brief.

    Time: 2 hours
    Key Material: ppt presentation; folders of students’ work – presentations and SketchUp examples

  • Pilot School Resources.

    Additional material from the school which piloted the original resources.

    Time: -
    Key Material: various

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