Industrial Flowline Production

An industrial-referenced project enabling students to understand how to apply a flowline production process in manufacturing.

Industrial Flowline Production

These teaching resources were created from the pilot project delivered to Y10 BTEC Engineering students at Ysgol Clywedog and supported by Airbus but are readily adaptable to suit KS3 and other year groups.

Before downloading the complete set of teaching resources, you can download and view the project overview document below. This will enable you to see the whole learning journey and a summary of each individual activity.

Project Description

This project focuses upon production processes used in industry and particularly the Airbus flowline production.  It provides the students with a practical approach to two different types of production methods, which are then compared in relation to quality in production, production rates, and a lean approach to manufacturing.

Key skills: Production approaches; lean manufacturing; working as a team.

The project overview document gives an outline of the whole project and brief detail of the supporting resources available to help deliver each lesson. Download this first to see what's included. You can then download the separate modules - a total of 6 learning activities, representing approximately 10 hours teaching. Alternatively download the whole project. File sizes are large and this can take some time.

  • Module 1. Design and manufacture an aircraft

    An introductory activity to provide students with information on the flowline process as applied in Airbus, providing an opportunity for the students to discuss high quality ‘one-off’ production.

    Time: 1-2 hours
    Key Material: ppt presentation; video

  • Module 2. Production processes

    The session introduces students to different production methods, enabling them to understand the terminology and requirements of flowline production. Based upon the production method used to manufacture the wings at Airbus, it introduces the idea of ‘lean manufacturing’ in preparation for the next sessions.

    Time: 2 hours
    Key Material: ppt presentation; information sheet ; video

  • Module 3. The flowline production approach

    The activity focuses upon setting up and undertaking a flowline production including the overall design of the flowline in a workshop or classroom setting; what (and where) equipment and tools are needed; students’ roles and responsibilities; the associated paper work and the specification of the flowline production.

    Time: 2 hours
    Key Material: ppt presentation; videos; resource and photo folders; a flowline production plan

  • Module 4. The product

    This activity provides all the information needed to make the lamp – the product that will be produced using the flowline production. It can be taught as a focused practical task with all students (or groups of students) making the lamp.

    Time: 2 hours
    Key Material: ppt presentation; videos; folders of 2D design components and final product images

  • Module 5. Designing a flowline for the lamp

    The activity focuses upon designing and developing a flowline production for the lamp, allowing students to reflect upon the manufacture of the lamp as a ‘one-off’ and consider and agree on a possible flowline as a group/class. The flowline design is based upon the flowline production of an aircraft and requires the students to consider in detail the various ‘zones’ and equipment needed.

    Time: 2 hours
    Key Material: ppt presentation; pdf of exemplar flowline; students’ worksheets

  • Module 6. The learning journey

    The activity is designed to reinforce the key learning associated with this teaching resource – industrial production methods and working in a team.

    Time: 1 hour
    Key Material: ppt presentation; examples of students’ work

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