Our Partners

Working with the Design and Technology Association to address all relevant issues arising between education in industry

Our Partners

Working closely with our partners

We work closely with a wide range of individual and organisational partners across education, business and industry. Some are members of the Association and others are not. We are keen to hear their views on design and technology education, we listen and respond to their queries and requests, we provide information which is tailored to their requirements and we seek to work collaboratively with them to further the aims of effective, design and technology education.

Partnership means that we and our partners collaborate to provide certain services, information or products to help our members and the wider D&T community. Our partners often provide services that complement our own and that cover topics we may not. In some cases we may endorse our partners’ products or services but our partnership with them does not necessarily mean they are the only organisations providing useful support or that we specifically endorse these individuals or organisations.

Who are the D&T Association's Partners?

Corporate Members

These include small, medium and large businesses and organisations. Typically they operate in industry sectors related to design, manufacturing, technology or education. They receive a range of membership benefits, including 3 briefings a year on the current state of D&T education.


Our sponsors are important to us and we work together to mutual benefit. Sponsors support a range of D&T Association activities or products, such as our conferences, branch network activities, Excellence Awards scheme and new exciting resources. This is achieved through the provision of products, services and/or financial support. In return we ensure that the sponsor gains maximum exposure to our membership and the wider teaching community

Businesses and industries

There are many organisations, who may not yet be D&T Association members and who may not sponsor specific activities or products, but who still work with us to provide support, training and products that our members may wish to take advantage of. We are constantly looking to work with businesses of all types in order for them to contribute to schools and help teachers and pupils with their understanding of what is required in a commercial and technologically developing world.

Institutions and associations

We work closely with a wide range of professional membership organisations in industry and education to ensure that the messages, information and services we, and they, provide are as consistent as possible. For example, the Association is a member of the Council for Subject Associations; sits on the Education and Skills Panels of Engineering UK, the IET and the IMechE; and worked very closely with E4E (Education for Engineering) and the Design Council in the development of the 2014 National Curriculum programmes of study.

Lead consultants

Consultant members of the Association are vital in ensuring local, high quality support, training and advice to members and schools. However, the Association also relies on the knowledge and expertise of a limited number of Lead consultants to ensure that the information and advice provided to members on specific aspects of D&T, such as Primary D&T, Health and Safety and Food Technology, is completely up to date, accurate and relevant.

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