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Becoming a D&T Association member gives you exclusive tools and information to work more effectively and efficiently. Access to peer expertise and opinion. A place for your voice to be heard.

Overseas Secondary individual

£88 per annum

Supporting you to develop your personal D&T Skills and and Inspiring School Curriculum

Our individual overseas primary package is perfect for teachers who work abroad but deliver the D&T National Curriculum.

Our main objective as your membership organisation, is to ensure the unique nature of D&T is maintained and valued.

  • D&T is compulsory at KS1-3 in England so, you must teach it and highlight its importance in school
  • Access our expert consultants to help and guide you deliver inspiring D&T
  • Access our comprehensive teacher CPD schedule and yearly Summer school
  • Network online via social media groups with fellow teachers also delivering D&T and find out how they do it - We can direct you to appropriate groups
  • We aim to make the professional life of primary school teachers easier and more effective.
  • Poster style magazines come to you termly with free resources for you to access
  • Access articles and support material to help your teaching and give you ideas
  • Payments must be made within 14 days of joining the D&T Association.

All magazines are available as online versions as standard. If you require hard copies of the magazines you can upgrade your membership to cover the additional postal supplement. Email should you require this upgrade.

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