Curriculum Credits

Find out exactly what you can buy with curriculum credits and how to redeem them

Curriculum Credits

What are Curriculum Credits?

These are part of your membership package and are an alternative to currency. They are a benefit of membership and you will receive an allocation. The number you receive will depend on the membership package you purchase

What can I buy with curriculum credits?

These are now added to your membership package and can be used to purchase a number of resource on the site.

What can I not buy with curriculum credits?

You can only buy certain resources with them. You cannot use them to renew membership, book an event or a training course

Do I have to pay with curriculum credits

No you can pay by cheque, debit/credit card, PayPal or direct debit

How do I obtain more curriculum credits?

You can buy more curriculum credits at the online resource store or call us and we will top up your account. You may have to contact us to purchase more

Do Curriculum credits expire?

Yes they only last for one year and will expire when your membership expires. They cannot be carried over to the following membership year so please ensure that you use them up or lose them at your time to renew. At your time of renewal a new fresh set of curriculum credits will be added to your account.

How do I know how many credits I have left

You will see in your personalised membership page the number of credits that you have left on your account. You will also see a purchase history allowing you to keep track of your purchases

How can curriculum credits be accessed?

These can be accessed at the point of purchase. Not all resources are available with credits and this is stated in the resource description. You will only be able to use credits if all the products in your basket are available to purchase with curriculum credits.

Why cant I see curriculum credits as a payment option?

If you have placed a product that is not available with credits in your basket then please ensure that you do this as a separate purchase to ensure that curriculum credits are offered as a payment option. Mixed baskets will not make curriculum credits available as a payment option


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