Self Review Framework

A new Self Review Framework, D&T Mark and linked resources and activities are here to help.

Self Review Framework

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All schools are required to complete an annual self review. This generally requires primary D&T Subject Coordinators and secondary Subject Leaders to provide information to their Senior Management Team. The process of collecting this information can be demanding and may not be well supported by resources that support the process adequately. Our new Self Review Framework and D&T Mark has been designed to address this need.

The D&T Association Self-Review Framework (SRF) is now available for secondary schools and primary schools  It has been designed to help you undertake the self review process and develop D&T in your school. It is available free to secondary departmental  and primary school members.  Find out more about becoming a department member or converting your membership from individual to department membership. A primary Self-Review Framework, will also be available free to Primary School members.

The framework will enable you to:

  • ensure you can fully evaluate your current provision
  • plan to fully address the National Curriculum programmes of study for D&T
  • develop your schemes of work that are ‘learning driven’ and made up of a range of appropriate D&T activity
  • ensure that contribution that D&T makes to a broad and balanced curriculum is recognised within the school community.

The framework requires schools to evaluate their provision in three distinct domains:

  • Principles for  learning in D&T
  • Curriculum for learning in D&T
  • Environment for learning in D&T

Those undertaking the review are guided by a series of questions in each domain which will usually demand teachers responsible for teaching D&T to engage in professional discussion with colleagues and identify suitable sources of evidence to support their response.

We are pleased to offer the Self Review Framework free to our Secondary Departmental members (a primary version, free to primary school members, will be available early in 2016).

Design &Technology Mark

The Association originally developed the Design Mark to provide schools with a quality standard against which they could evaluate their practice in design education. This has now been developed into the ‘D&T Mark’ - an aspirational quality mark for both primary and secondary schools that recognises their excellence in design and technology education.  It has been developed so that having undertaken the self review process, schools are able to apply for the quality mark to recognise their achievement. 

Departmental and Primary School Membership

The Self Review Framework will be available free to Department members and Primary School members . Ensure that your school can take advantage of this valuable membership benefit by converting individual memberships into departmental and primary school memberships.

We have found that schools will often pay for Departmental and School membership out of school budgets – it is a very cost-effective form of CPD! It enables all department members to purchase resources and attend events, branch meetings and CPD provided by the Association at advantageous, discounted member rates.

For help converting your membership please contact us on 01789 470007 quoting ME4 to Claim £10 Off Membership. Ask for membership or email:




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