15 Minutes to Protect D&T – Make the Time!

Published 8th June 2016

Michelle Donelan MP is campaigning to include the new Design and Technology GCSE within the English Baccalaureate. We, along with the James Dyson Foundation and the Royal Academy of Engineering and a host of businesses and organisations, are working with her. As part of this campaign she is intending to send a letter to the Prime Minister, co-signed by as many MPs as possible, outlining why this needs to happen. You can read a copy of the letter here.

You can help by writing/emailing your local MP, explaining why this is an important issue, and asking them to sign Michelle’s letter. This is an important step in helping to protect the future of Design and Technology education in schools and we would urge you to spend 15 minutes to add your support. You can contact your local MP here

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