2019 A Level and AS Level results

Published 15th August 2019

The Design and Technology Association would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of teachers during this difficult transition period from the legacy specifications to the new ones.  For students it has been a challenging time as resources have only come on board during their period of study rather than beforehand.

However, the new specification once embedded will provide a highly valuable skill set for all students and set them up for their future career pathways.

Highlights from the 2019 A-Level results:

  • There has been a fall of 5% in students taking Design and Technology A Level over 2018 figures
  • Overall entries for A Level subjects have dropped by 1.3%
  • There were over twice as many male entries (7,415; 68.2%) than female (3,455; 31.8%)
  • Of those achieving A-B passes females gained 47.4% against 37.2% for males A-B. The percentage for both was 40.4% A-B grades
  • This compares to all-subjects A-B results of 53% females; 49.8% males.

2019 AS Level results

The drop in AS entries this year had been expected. Key points are as follows:

  • AS Level entries for Design and Technology have fallen significantly, by 63.8%
  • AS Level entries across all subjects have fallen by 44.1%
  • There were nearly twice as many male entries (1,529; 65.4%) than female (808; 34.6%)
  • Females gained 47.8% of passes A-B against 31.9% for males A-B
  • This represents a more marked difference than across all subjects where females gained 43.1% A-B against males 39.3% A-B.
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